Gina Jollofsky

“I have been Ken Ellis’ student for approximately 5 years and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. When I began, I had no roadmap on how I would develop my singing talent and which songs would work best with my voice. Thankfully, Ken Ellis is an expert who knows his craft extremely well. Because you are working with someone who is a performer in both singing and dance, you have someone who is deeply passionate to the craft and celebrates your work with real enthusiasm. In the early stages of my tutelage, Mr. Ellis understood the pace that I required to feel comfortable. His relaxed approached allowed me to pick songs that could be used to gauge improvements and he assisted me in feeling confident in singing them. Though Mr. Ellis has song selections that are true and tested to help each student develop their musical talent, each student can select songs from a specific genre of music or musical performer of their choice. He adapts very well to the personality and tastes of each student, which creates a fun environment for learning. Along the way, Mr. Ellis gave me plenty of encouragement to stay committed to singing. Even when I didn’t think that I was made to sing, Mr. Ellis never gave up on me, which is something I have come to appreciate so much since it forged a path to the love I have for singing now. Mr. Ellis has a gentle and kind demeanor and he employs an approach of positive reinforcement to encourage your efforts. If he senses that you are struggling with a lesson, he will shift his technique to find the most suitable way to bring you into the music so you can find the passion in the work. Working with Mr. Ellis is never a one-sided affair, but a collaborative experience between teacher and student. I’ve always felt comfortable sharing my ideas with him and together we have worked to transform those ideas into a performance. I have reached performance-quality singing and though I could consider myself a graduate of his class, I have continued working with him for the sheer joy that his classes bring into my life. I highly recommend Mr. Ellis for your interest in developing your talent in singing or dance. You will not regret your decision in selecting Mr. Ellis as your teacher and you will eventually come to understand why he is so beloved by so many students in this area.” -Gina Jollofsky

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